• JoshuaJSlone

    Future of NICE GIRL?

    January 16, 2015 by JoshuaJSlone

    In recent times the only active non-trainee NGP group has been THE Possible, and they've been collaborating (Makenki) with non-NGP entities. A few months back a group of NICE GIRL Kenshuusei were transferred to Hello Project Kenshuusei. Now the NGP site is gone and without mention at TNX's web site, and the trainees' Ameblo blog has been removed. Is NGP done for?

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  • JoshuaJSlone

    Bot tag for Robo Kiss?

    December 5, 2014 by JoshuaJSlone

    Cross-posting this to UP-FRONT GROUP Wiki, AKIHABARA Backstage pass Wiki, and NICE GIRL Project! Wiki.

    Hey all. I don't think I am a stranger to anyone here. Though I primarily edit at H!P Wiki I also dabble in these sister wikis occasionally.

    Some months back I set up the bot account Robo Kiss on the H!P wikis of all languages for doing various mass edits. Adding interlanguage links, renaming categories, replacing links for things that have moved, things like that. I'd like to get Robo Kiss to work on such things at the sister wikis as well, so as per the normal rules for getting an account set as a bot, this is my request for an okay on that from local community members before I take it to the powers that be at Wikia.

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