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NICE GIRL Project! (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!), often shortened as NGP, is a joint project between Tanabe Agency, Space Craft Group, UP-FRONT GROUP, and TNX, created by Tsunku on October 15, 2007. It was viewed by fans as a "twin" project to the musical collective Hello! Project, and their first founding groups were THE Possible (formed by trainees from Hello! Project's trainee program Hello Pro Egg) and Canary Club (formed by models and actresses from Space Craft Group). NICE GIRL Project! began full-time activities on March 30, 2008 during THE Possible Hatsu Tandoku Live 2008 Haru ~Yokohama☆Koi no Catchable~ at Yokohama BLITZ, and the NICE!! fanclub was launched at the same time.

NICE GIRL Project! was dissolved slowly over the years. Canary Club became inactive in 2011 when Space Craft Group's outsourcing management agreement with TNX ended. The NICE!! fanclub was shut down in March 2012. On November 16, 2014, NICE GIRL Project! Kenshuusei appeared on stage for the last time during Iwai THE Possible JAPAN Tour 2014 ~FINAL~ at Nakano Sun Plaza. On November 29, 2014, some of the trainees transferred to Hello Pro Kenshuusei, and the remaining trainees were dropped. Both Tokky and Chiichan left TNX in January 2015. On April 1, 2015, THE Possible was transferred from TNX to UP-FRONT CREATE, and later changed their name to Ciao Bella Cinquetti. By 2015, all NICE GIRL Project! acts had been let go from their contracts with TNX, and most of their websites and social media were removed.

Current Members[]

A list of members that still remained when NICE GIRL Project! began to shut down in late 2014.

Current Groups[]

Current Soloists[]

Current NICE GIRL Project! Kenshuusei[]

Former Members[]

Former Groups[]

Former Soloists[]

  • Kafumio (何文櫻) (graduated December 31, 2008)
  • Karen (カレン) (graduated September 4, 2010)
  • Peach (ピーチ) (graduated September 26, 2010)

Former THE Possible[]

  • Ose Kaede (大瀬楓) (graduated August 22, 2009)

Former Canary Club[]

  • Rippon (りっぽん) (graduated January 12, 2009)
  • Eri~na (えり~な) (graduated June 14, 2009)
  • Ucchi (うっちぃ) (graduated March 21, 2010)
  • Okkyan (おっきゃん) (graduated May 1, 2011)
  • Macchan (まっちゃん) (graduated May 1, 2011)

Former NICE GIRL Project! Kenshuusei[]

Sports Teams[]

Other Sports
  • NICE GIRL Bowling Club (NICE GIRL ボウリング部)



See also: THE Possible#DVDs, Canary Club#DVDs, MM Gakuen Gasshoubu#DVDs, and Princess Chatters#DVDs
  • [2008.02.28] NICE GIRL Project! THE Possible to Canary Club no Himitsu (NICE GIRL プロジェクト! THE ポッシボーとキャナァーリ倶楽部の秘密)
  • [2008.10.24] NICE GIRL Movie! Butadama Densetsu (NICE GIRL ムービー! ブタ玉伝説)
  • [2008.12.21] NICE GIRL Project! Miracle Sexy Dynamite DVD-BOX (NICE GIRL プロジェクト! ミラクルセクシーダイナマイト DVD-BOX)
  • [2009.12.25] NICE GIRL Project! 2009 SUMMER LIVE ~Nice Vacation!~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!2009 SUMMER LIVE~ナイスバケーション!~)
  • [2010.12.01] Banzai! NICE GIRL 2010 DVD (万歳!ナイスガール2010 DVD)
  • [2010.12.23] NICE GIRL Project! 2010 September LIVE ~Shinasute Collection~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!2010セプテンバーLIVE~品ステ コレクション!~)

Concerts & Events[]

See also: THE Possible/Concerts & Events, Canary Club, and NICE GIRL Project! Kenshuusei#Concerts & Events
  • [2008.08.09~13] 08 Natsu NICE GIRL Project! Emotional Live ~Miracle Sexy Dynamite~ (08夏 NICE GIRL プロジェクト!エモーショナルライブ~ミラクル セクシー ダイナマイト~)
  • [2008.11.02] NICE GIRL Project Hajimete no Yose ~NICE na Hitotoki~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!初めての寄席〜ナイスなひと時〜)
  • [2008.12.13~14] NICE Christmas Ongakusai 08 Fuyu (ナイスクリスマス音楽祭 08冬)
  • [2009.03.01] NICE GIRL Project! 2shuunen Kanshasai (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!2周年感謝祭)
  • [2009.07.20] NICE GIRL Project! Challenge Live 7gatsu ~LOVE LETTER FROM Possible~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!チャレンジライブ7月〜LOVE LETTER FROM ポッシボー〜)
  • [2009.08.22] NICE GIRL Project! 2009 SUMMER LIVE ~Nice Vacation!~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!2009 SUMMER LIVE~ナイスバケーション!~)
  • [2009.11.01] NICE GIRL Project! Challenge Live 11gatsu ~Smart Canary~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!チャレンジライブ11月 ~スマートキャナァーリ~)
  • [2009.11.30] NICE GIRL Project! Challenge Live 11gatsu ~Possible Time~ suppored by Cadbury Japan (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!チャレンジライブ11月~ポッシボータイム~supported by キャドバリージャパン)
  • [2009.12.25] NICE GIRL Project! Challenge Live 12gatsu ~2009 NICE Christmas~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!チャレンジライブ12月〜2009ナイスクリスマス〜)
  • [2010.01.02~03] 2010 Shinshun NICE GIRL Otanoshimi Kai! (2010新春ナイスガールお楽しみ会!)
  • [2010.02.14] NICE Valentine (ナイスバレンタイン)
  • [2010.02.28] NICE GIRL Project! presents Cheer Festival 2010 Vol.1 (NICE GIRL プロジェクト! presents Cheer Festival 2010 Vol.1)
  • [2010.03.21] NICE GIRL Project! FINAL Challenge Live ~Canary Club~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!FINAL チャレンジライブ~キャナァーリ倶楽部~)
  • [2010.04.29] NICE GIRL Project! Home Party Live 4gatsu (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!ホームパーティーライブ4月)
  • [2010.06.27] NICE GIRL Project! Home Party Live 6gatsu (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!ホームパーティーライブ6月)
  • [2010.07~08] NICE GIRL Project! Home Party Live (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!ホームパーティーライブ)
  • [2010.09.04] NICE GIRL Project! September LIVE ~Shinasute Collection!~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!セプテンバーLIVE〜品ステコレクション!〜)
  • [2010.11.06~12.23] NICE GIRL Project! Live House Tour Aki ~Banzai! NICE GIRL 2010~ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!ライブハウスツアー秋〜万歳!ナイスガール2010〜)
  • [2010.12.31] NICE GIRL Project! 2010 Nanchatte Countdown & Dai Bounenkai! Asakusa Maneki Neko Special - ☆Toshiwasure THE Possible & Tokki no Uta☆ (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!2010なんちゃってカウントダウン&大忘年会!浅草まねきねこスペシャル-☆年忘れTHE ポッシボー&とっきーの歌☆)
  • [2013.01.03] 2013 Shinshun Otoshidama Kikaku "NICE GIRL Kouhaku Team Battle "The Gaman" (2013新春お年玉企画『ナイスガール紅白チームバトル“ザ・ガマン』)



  • [2007.04.28~30] Tsunku♂THEATER Dai 3dan THE Possible Hatsu Shuen Kouen!! (つんく♂THEATER 第3弾 THE ポッシボー初主演公演!!)
  • [2007.09.22~24] Tsunku♂THEATER Dai 4dan Aa Joshi Gasshoubu ~Eikou no Kakera~ (つんく♂THEATER 第4弾 あぁ女子合唱部~栄光のかけら~)
  • [2008.01.02~14] Tsunku♂THEATER Dai 5dan "Seishun Gravity ~Nee Oneesan~" (つんく♂THEATER 第5弾 『青春グラフィティ~ねえ お姉さん~』)
  • [2008.09.13~15] Tsunku♂THEATER Dai 6dan Aa Joshi Gasshoubu ~Eikou no Kakera 2008~ (つんく♂THEATER 第6弾 あぁ女子合唱部〜栄光のかけら 2008 〜)
  • [2009.01.10~12] Tsunku♂THEATER Dai 7dan "Hero no Jijou" (つんく♂THEATER 第7弾 「ヒーローの事情」)
  • [2010.01.09~11] Tsunku♂THEATER Dai 8dan "Star wa Tsurai yo" (つんく♂THEATER 第8弾 『スターはつらいよ』)
  • [2011.01.06~10] Tsunku♂THEATER Dai 9dan ~Mecha Mote Gekijou~ "Mecha Mote Iinchou VS Mecha Mote Hantai Iinkai Desu wa!" (つんく♂THEATER 第9弾 ~めちゃモテ劇場~「めちゃモテ委員長VSめちゃモテ反対委員会ですわっ!」)

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