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NICE GIRL Project! (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!), often shortened as NGP, is a joint project between Tanabe Agency, Space Craft Group, UP-FRONT GROUP, and TNX, created by Tsunku on October 15, 2007. NICE GIRL Project! began full-time activities in April 2008.

The NICE!! fanclub was shut down in late March 2012. NICE GIRL Project! was shut down altogether on November 16, 2014, resulting in all the members being let go from their contracts. THE Possible were transferred to UP-FRONT CREATE and changed their name to Ciao Bella Cinquetti.

Current Members[]

A list of members that still remained when NICE GIRL Project! was shut down in late 2014.

Current Groups[]

Current Soloists[]

Current Kenshuusei[]

Current Jukusei[]

Former Members[]

Former Groups[]

Former Soloists[]

  • Sari (サリー)
  • Kafumio (何文櫻; graduated December 2008)
  • Peach (ピーチ; graduated September 2010)
  • Karen (カレン; graduated September 2010)

Former Canary Club[]

  • Rippon (りっぽん; graduated January 2009)
  • Eri~na (えり~な; graduated June 2009)
  • Ucchi (うっちぃ; graduated March 2010)
  • Okkyan (おっきゃん; graduated May 2011)
  • Macchan (まっちゃん; graduated May 2011)

Former THE Possible[]

Former GTT Club[]

Former Kenshuusei[]



  • [2007.12.19] あぁ 女子合唱部~栄光のかけら~ (Aa Joshi Gasshou bu ~Eikou no Kake ra~)
  • [2008.02.28] NICE GIRL プロジェクト! THE ポッシボーとキャナァーリ倶楽部の秘密 (NICE GIRL Project! THE Possible to Canaria Club no Himitsu)
  • [2008.05.17] THE ポッシボー 初単独ライブ2008春~横浜☆恋のキャッチボー~ (THE Possible Hatsu Tandoku Live 2008 Haru ~Yokohama ☆ Koi no Catchable~)
  • [2008.05.24] キャナァーリ倶楽部ライブ2008春 ~横浜キャナリアダイヤモンド~ (Canaria Club Live 2008 Haru ~Yokohama Canaria Diamond~)
  • [2008.12.21] 2008夏 ナイスガールプロジェクト!エモーショナルライブ~ミラクル セクシー ダイナマイト~ (2008 Natsu Nice Girl Project! Emotional Live ~Miracle Sexy Dynamite~)
  • [2009.01.30] THE ポッシボー 2008秋~SEXY ジェネレーション~ (THE Possible 2008 Fall ~SEXY Generation~)
  • [2009.02.27] キャナァーリ倶楽部 2008秋~渋谷でキラキララ~ (Canary Club 2008 Fall ~Shibuya de Kirakirara~)
  • [2009.07.04] THE ポッシボーライブ2009春~幸せの形 感謝の形~ (THE Possible Spring 2009 ~Shiawase no Katachi Kansha no Katachi~)
  • [2009.12.25] ナイスガールプロジェクト!2009 SUMMER LIVE~ナイスバケーション!~ (NICE GIRL Project! 2009 SUMMER LIVE ~Nice Vacation!~)
  • [2010.02.17] めちゃモテ文化祭ライブ (Mecha Mote Bunkasai Live)

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