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Single by Katou Karen

Released December 10, 2007
Genre Enka
Format CD Single
Recorded 2007
Label Victor Entertainment
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Naku na Okamechan (泣くなオカメちゃん; Don't cry Okamechan) is the first and only indies single by Enka singer Karen, it was released on December 10, 2007 and sold a total of 1,370 copies.

Single Information[]

Naku na Okamechan
  • Lyrics: Yoshida Oh
  • Composition: Ichikawa Shosuke

Music Video[]



  • In order to have a major debut, she was given the challenge of selling 1,000 copies of this single and lose weight.
  • This is a cover of Bunya Okame's 1978 song of the same name.
  • The single was released one year, two months after the songs composer, Ichikawa Shosuke, passed away from liver failure.